Projects of two-story houses and cottages
“What will our house be made of?” — on this issue, the choice of project is often slowed down and
Volume of water (coolant) in the pipe: polypropylene, metal, matelloplast, radiator
Volume of water or coolant in various pipelines, such as low-density polyethylene (HDPE pipe)
In the photo: in some cases it is enough to install railings near the toilet so that a person can use the toilet independently
Toilet for disabled people - how to properly equip the room
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how to carry out engineering communications in a private house
A few decades ago, many residents of private houses dreamed of living in an apartment with everyone
How to make a barbecue from blocks: aerated concrete, concrete, expanded clay concrete
Popular projects of country gazebos are characterized by an integrated approach to organizing country holidays. From the main house
An original and reliable solution for building a house is a gable roof
When choosing a roof for an extension, owners often choose three-pitch structures that decorate the building and
Circulation pumps
Calculation of a circulation pump for heating - pump power
The heating system in a private house, as a rule, comes in two types - natural and
Classic layout
How to calculate tiles for walls and floors: methods and important aspects of calculation
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What affects heating efficiency
Selecting the diameter of a heating pipe in a private house
Comfortable living conditions are ensured by a powerful system of various engineering communications. When planning heating in
How to determine a load-bearing wall in a house
How to determine load-bearing walls in a house: monolithic, panel and brick houses
The main thing is that the wall does not turn out to be load-bearing. Removing intermediate partitions does not have the same effect on destruction
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