Construction of houses from cellular concrete and other methods of its use
In private construction, both foam concrete and aerated concrete are quite popular due to their increased
Which side is the vapor barrier mounted to the insulation - installation technology
How to attach a vapor barrier to the ceiling The installation of a ceiling includes 3 stages: waterproofing, insulation and vapor barrier.
Photo gallery of cottages and houses of our most beautiful properties
Author: Varvara Lyutova July 08, 2021 06:02 pm Tags: house architecture buildings of the future beauty unusual
Silicone sealant: how to use, drying time and much more
Strict adherence to the rules of use is a guarantee of the quality and durability of the work performed. Literacy and integrity
Wood protection
Wood protection using folk remedies. Historical excursion
Wood occupies a leading position in the construction market. Its characteristics and abilities have been tested over the years. Use
How to remove rust from bolts and nuts for reuse
Absolutely any car ages, wears out and breaks down during operation. Very often all these
How to properly make mortar for laying bricks: proportions and requirements
Which mortar for laying a stove is better? Varieties, composition, proportions and preparation of solution. Use of various
Choice of product and technology for painting a metal fence
The durability of the fence is determined not only by the quality of raw materials, compliance with the installation sequence, but also by timely protection
Waterproofing with liquid glass and tips
DIY liquid glass products. Vases, plates, chandeliers, mobiles, as if made from pieces of the rainbow;
Sealing of threaded connections of heating systems
Sealing of threaded connections of heating systems
New technologies for designing heating systems for low-rise private houses use several options for connecting all elements
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