Pond in the country: detailed step-by-step instructions on how to dig and decorate a pond with your own hands (105 photos)

A pond is a wonderful decoration for a summer house. It can be arranged even in a small area without the help of professionals. If desired, you can put fish in it or grow plants.

The first thing you need to think about when choosing a base for a pond is what its volume and shape will be. The pond can have the most natural shape possible, decorated with stones and aquatic plants.

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Or have a clear geometric shape. It all depends on the design style of the site.

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What types of country ponds are there?

One of the most difficult decisions when creating your own decorative pond is the design. To decide on the future appearance of the reservoir, you need to clearly understand why you need it. Based on the main goals, several types can be distinguished:

Pond as a decorative design element

It is a deep body of water. May include various lighting elements, a fountain, a decorative border or a mini-bridge. Unlike a small pond, it often serves as the center of a recreation area.

Located in close proximity to the veranda, benches, and picnic areas. Ideas for decorating a pond at your dacha can be seen in the photo.

Build an artificial pond or buy a ready-made one

This question cannot be answered unambiguously. The choice should be made based on your goals, the capabilities of your site, the availability of time and funds.

Ready-made plastic container for pond

Ready pond

The finished pond is a plastic form that needs to be dug into the ground or installed on a special frame in your garden. Let's look at the pros and cons of buying it.

Availability Limited shapes and sizes
Durability The fragility of the form itself
Easy to install Lack of naturalness
Ease of maintenance

Installing the container takes place in only 4 stages:

  • pit preparation,
  • leveling and fixation,
  • filling with water,
  • decoration.

In other words, such a container is suitable if you need to make a pond quickly and not spend a lot of time on its maintenance, while it will be relatively small. But the main problem with such forms is their fragility.

Despite the fact that manufacturers make them with the necessary safety margin, there is still a risk of damage. The resulting crack can be repaired in many cases, but it is necessary to dismantle and transport the mold from the workshop and back, which will require a lot of effort and money.

Fish pond

Beautiful, bright fish will add variety to your life. Small aquariums have long been out of fashion. Nowadays, reservoirs that contain various living inhabitants are gaining popularity.

These can be decorative fish species. They will help you relax and are sure to attract children and pets. Or you can set up an artificial pond with fish or crayfish suitable for fishing and further consumption.

Swimming pond

Swimming pools in the country are also popular bodies of water. You can make a similar pond in your country house with your own hands. They serve not only as a decorative element, but also allow you to relax, cool off and swim.

This can be a very shallow and small pool; it is suitable for children. Or a full-fledged pond for adults. It all depends on the size of the plot and your capabilities. But remember that such a pond will require constant cleaning and special winter care. Also read about the compost bin.

Decorating Tips

After completing all the arrangement work, you can begin the decorating stage. The decor can be stones, interesting figures, figurines, small trees.

Depending on the size of the pond and the entire dacha plot, the reservoir can be supplemented with:

  • launch the fish;
  • plant aquatic plants;
  • make a bridge, a small island in the middle of a pond, a fountain, a waterfall;
  • equip night lighting;
  • put a bench, gazebo, sun loungers, barbecue;
  • lay out the paths with gravel and stone;
  • install a beautiful fence.

Additional decoration around an artificial pond Source www.vodorobot.ru
Additional elements will allow you to turn an ordinary artificial pond into a full-fledged recreation area in your own garden. When choosing them, you should be guided by several rules:

  1. It is better to choose stones of different sizes to make the composition more interesting. For safety reasons, do not use sharp stones.
  2. You should not dig a deep pit with steep walls, since it is very difficult to decorate it.
  3. Container gardening is much more convenient.

Decoration of the coastal zone Source artgrass.com.ua
Fantasy in decoration is limitless, it all depends on the personal preferences of the owner of the summer cottage, the available budget, and the general style of landscape design.

Choosing a pond location

How to make a pond? First of all, you need to decide on the place where it will be located. When choosing a territory, you need to decide whether you want a secluded pond or one visible from all sides.

If it is intended as a decorative element, then it is necessary to arrange it on a flat, open plane. If you plan to install a pool, then the best solution would be to place it behind the house or behind some bushes, trees, etc. Read here: vine fence.

When choosing an area for a pond, pay attention to several criteria.

The amount of free space. The design of the pond at the dacha will depend on the amount of free territory. Its size, shape and appearance.

Availability of natural light. Due to the fact that the reservoir is created artificially, you must remember that the water level in it depends only on you. If you place it in a strongly lit place, the water may bloom, deteriorate or evaporate.

It is advisable to find a place where the sun will hit the water for no more than four hours a day. This will help preserve the pond and simplify its care.

If you are going to breed fish in water, then the location of the reservoir should be in the shade. Fish do not tolerate heated water well, and evaporation under the sun's rays reduces the oxygen level in the water.

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The main mistakes of amateur designers

Having no experience in planning landscape design objects, I did not avoid a number of annoying mistakes. I would like to draw your attention to the following:

  • a disproportionately large or, conversely, small pond compared to the site, residential building, plants growing in the garden;
  • a poorly chosen location from the point of view of nearby unsightly objects: a rickety fence, a shabby barn;
  • inappropriate style that conflicts with existing buildings on the territory;
  • tasteless design: an overabundance of decor, plants, plastic toys.

With a thoughtful approach, the main flaws are corrected as the work progresses. The pit can be expanded or reduced. And if, for example, it was dug up against the backdrop of an old, ugly cellar, then why isn’t this a reason to put the building in order?

The discrepancy between styles can be corrected by zoning. As for decor, its main rule is: less is better than more. Professionals advise looking at your creation and removing the last added element.


The depth at which groundwater flows. If they leak close to the surface, you will have to additionally strengthen the pond.

Opportunity for further growth. You or your children will likely want to change the design or make some adjustments to the size of the pool. Or add some entertainment elements nearby. Therefore, when considering the location of the reservoir, take into account the possibility of further redevelopment.

Availability of electricity. Lighting and fountains are powered by electricity, which must be taken into account when choosing a location. There are several options. You can place a recreation area next to the house.

If you want to make a pond in a remote area, you will have to bury the electrical cable in the ground. Appreciable depth is required to comply with safety regulations. But, if there are joints on the wires, then you will have to arrange the necessary access to them.

Types of check valves

There are valves installed using couplings and flanges. Some require special fittings and welding. The coupling mechanisms are connected with threads and are easy to connect; such a unit is used on disc valves. Couplings are used to install fittings in an apartment or your own home.

Check valves differ in design, operating conditions and purpose.

There are different types of shutter devices:

  • petal;
  • disc type;
  • spherical varieties.


Types of brass reed check valves

A thin steel plate serves as a shutter and is mounted on a hinged structure, which ensures a movable position.

The reed check valve for heating is available in two types:

  • rotary or single-leaf;
  • bivalve.

The first type has one plate that rotates around the center line. The sash rises when the coolant moves in a given direction. The passage hole is closed by a lowered part on a spring during reverse flow. Double-leaf devices are equipped with two locking plates, fixed on the central axis and located in the passage of the hole.

Petal species have advantages:

  • some valves do not have springs; these types are used in natural gravity systems (gravity flow);
  • devices are inexpensive.

The negative aspects are that the double-leaf type obstructs the flow of liquid, therefore it is used only in lines with high pressure.

Disc-type products

Operating principle of a poppet check valve in a system

The shutter is made in the form of a disk made of metal or plastic. The element blocks the flow of liquid if the energy carrier changes direction. The disk is mounted on a spring, which, when moving forward, is in a compressed position. Changing the direction leads to straightening of the part and a change in the location of the locking disk. The design has a seal for a tight fit of the valve; this part completely eliminates leakage.

Advantages of disc valves for home heating circuits:

  • small dimensions and light weight allow the use of mechanisms on circuits of small diameter;
  • the device does not require periodic technical inspection and repair;
  • The device has a low price.

The disadvantage is that the poppet valve cannot be repaired, so replacement is required. The mechanism creates resistance to flow and is not used in geothermal pump circuits. A salt deposit is deposited on the disk and the device stops working.

Ball valves

Operating principle of ball check valve

The bolt mechanism is made in the shape of a ball made of aluminum or other metals. The element is coated with rubber to increase service life. The ball element rises when the water flow moves in the right direction and is located at the top of the valve. The energy carrier does not flow in the opposite direction, since the element descends and blocks the hole.

Advantages of ball valves:

  • the design works reliably, because the structure does not include rubbing or moving parts;
  • at the top of the mechanism there is a cover for inspection or repair;
  • the device does not create water hammer in the system when the ball moves.

The disadvantages include the large diameter, due to which ball valves are used in pipelines of significant diameters, and connection to household heating networks is not always appropriate.

What materials can be used to build a pond?

The choice of materials is a very important stage. At the moment there is a large selection of bases for ponds.


Due to the increased popularity of country pools, the demand for suitable materials has increased. And companies that work with plastic began to produce ready-made monolithic structures.

This method will help you quickly organize a space for relaxation, but the material has a limited service life. Each manufacturer has its own, usually a figure from 20 to 50 years. To install such a structure, you need to dig a hole of suitable size. After installing a plastic pool, you need to fill the voids with sand.

Butyl rubber as insulation

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most optimal options for organizing and strengthening a pond.

If the chosen option involves a rocky bottom and greater depth, then experts recommend using a membrane made of this material.

The service life of the structure in this case can reach over fifty years. In addition, an indisputable advantage is the fact that the material can withstand sudden temperature changes.

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