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Consumer opinion about veneered doors

Such models, including Belarusian ones, are currently the most popular among consumers. The advantages of such doors among property owners include, first of all, of course, the relatively low cost with a fairly attractive, neat appearance. Property owners even of very low income have the opportunity to purchase veneered models.

Consumers include the following advantages of Belarusian doors of this design:

  • excellent quality;
  • attractive appearance;
  • ideal geometry;
  • durability.

According to consumers, such models from Belarusian manufacturers can last much longer than designs of the same price category produced in other countries. Judging by the reviews, veneered interior doors from Belarus are of simply excellent quality. The canvas and frame of such models almost never have chips, scratches or cracks. The fittings of Belarusian doors of this type do not become loose over time and do not begin to creak.

Factories in this state observe size standards as carefully as possible. Therefore, consumers consider Belarusian veneered doors to be very easy to install. Designs from this manufacturer fit into openings simply perfectly. Also, such doors usually have a lot of weight. And this, in turn, makes them not only solid, but also very durable.

Among the advantages of Belarusian doors, property owners include, among other things, their attractive appearance. If desired, the owners of an apartment or house can buy or order both light interior models from this country and dark ones.

Sursky doors by Nikita Sverchkova reviews

15 Sort: by date positive negative by usefulness Irina 10/09/2018 at 12:24 pm
Hello. I would like to express my gratitude to the staff. They arrived, took measurements, advised on choosing the appropriate model and fittings, did everything quickly and carefully, and cleaned up after installation of the interior doors. Thank you.

0 0 Alexey 10/16/2018 at 11:18

I have known this company for a long time. I ordered 4 interior doors and one entrance door from them for my two-room apartment. The manager gave me excellent advice, and the surveyor arrived completely free and quickly. It took a little over a week from order to installation. Everything was done efficiently and on time.

0 0 Ekaterina 10/18/2018 at 0:06

The doors we ordered from this company have been pleasing us for six months now. In the summer, we had an iron entrance door and all the interior doors installed. We are glad!

0 0 Konstantin 10.24.2018 at 7:20

I ordered a pair of interior doors. Installed well. The main thing is to meet the deadlines. Thank you! I recommend!

0 0 Sveta 10.25.2018 at 6:57

We ordered doors for our house here, everything was delivered on time. There are no complaints about the quality either.

0 0 Yana 10.28.2018 at 15:23

We ordered three interior doors here. We were completely satisfied with the quality of the doors and their fast production. The doors were made according to our own sketches, we were afraid that it would not be the way we wanted. But no, they brought it exactly as we had planned)

0 0 Oleg 07.11.2018 at 21:12

I ordered plastic windows from this company, they measured everything promptly and quickly began installation, a couple of days passed after the measurements, I liked the prices, everything was fine, no complaints, I recommend)

0 0 Gennady 11/17/2018 at 7:30

I came specifically to look at the doors. But on Saturday February 3rd it was closed. There wasn't even a work schedule.

0 0 Zhenya 11/24/2018 at 0:43

Hello, I recently ordered several interior doors here. Door prices are low. The measurements were taken quickly, and the doors themselves arrived a week later. The company's employees installed the doors themselves, many thanks to them for this.

0 0 Svetlana 11/29/2018 at 3:23

The doors were made very quickly and installed carefully without any unnecessary dirt. We were very pleased. We will also order some for our parents for their apartment.

0 0 Anna 12/06/2018 at 15:05

Well done guys, we ordered the doors here. The service is good, and the quality cannot be faulted. It took very little time from the surveyor's departure to the installed doors. In general, we are one hundred percent satisfied.

0 0 Alexander 12/16/2018 at 13:54

I recently ordered doors, agreed on everything in advance with the manager (in terms of timing and delivery) in order to meet it. After 10 days they delivered it and started installing it. The price was quite reasonable, so thank you!

0 0 Alexander 12/24/2018 at 0:18

It is better to order doors of their own production; metal entrance doors, for example, look decent. Now we are thinking about ordering interior furniture from them.

0 0 Margarita 01/03/2019 at 20:39

I ordered 3 interior doors from the online store. After 7 days the doors were delivered and installed. I was pleased with the speed. The craftsmen work carefully, everyone is happy. The fittings are high quality, the color is as ordered.

Tsar systems

Paneled interior door systems make up a significant share of both domestic and imported products. As is known, the standard design of such products involves the presence of two horizontal bars, which increase the rigidity of the door leaf in the longitudinal direction. Under significant loads and possible sudden changes in temperature and humidity, paneled doors may become deformed. In this case, it is necessary to carry out expensive replacement of panels, which ultimately leads to an increase in the overall financial costs for caring for such products. Another limitation of paneled door systems is their ineffectiveness in high doorways. Therefore, panel-type interior doors, which are lightweight in traditional designs, look unaesthetic in rooms with high ceilings. These circumstances prevent the wider use of such solutions, despite the unconditional positive features, primarily ease. The design of the side door provides not two, but three transverse bars. At the same time, the distance between them decreases, which provides side doors with their own advantages. Greater rigidity in the longitudinal direction makes it possible to use such products in fairly high doorways. The variety of options for external finishing of the door leaf is ensured by the fact that there are two rather than one paneled insert. Therefore, in the same door leaf you can place various glazing options, stained glass windows, mirrors, combining them within a fairly wide range. In fact, more than 20 different options can be assembled from the same drawer frame model. Thanks to the smaller area of ​​the panels, the strength of the door leaf increases. This, however, will lead to a slight increase in the mass of the finished product. But, re-reading the reviews of the first consumers, it becomes clear that this drawback is not considered significant. A distinctive feature of drawer elements is that they are treated on all sides with facing material, therefore, they have no edges. This gives the drawbar door systems strength in the transverse direction and increases their density. Therefore, sound absorption rates increase. The Cheboksary factory has recently mastered the production of sliding doors in its region, but has already earned positive reviews about its consumer novelty.

How to choose a reliable entrance door for a private house

A wide range of products is the key to success in the market

Due to the presence of a large assortment of doors and its constant updating, the factory is at the peak of popularity.
Her catalogs are always in demand, since every buyer can find a suitable door model for themselves. Several catalogs present a wide variety of models, from classic to avant-garde. All doors presented can be standard or made to individual sizes.

The company cares about its image, so there is a direct connection with the buyer. This makes it possible to timely monitor products and track their demand. Therefore, in the shortest possible time, production is restructured and errors pointed out by customers are corrected.

Interior doors produced by the Cheboksary Door Factory

Any furniture production can be successful only in one case - when its products are not only of high quality and aesthetics, but also have parameters that competitors have not yet achieved. From this point of view, the Cheboksary Door Factory can calmly continue to improve its products and update their range. Chuvash furniture makers have something to be proud of. The manufacturer's traditional product range includes interior door systems of a wide variety of designs - from classic to avant-garde. The catalogs where Cheboksary doors are presented contain almost a hundred product names, which are collected in several collections. The overall dimensions of door systems produced in Cheboksary are presented in the table:

Door typeDoor leaf parameters, mm

Cheboksary doors are presented here as standard, but the company also produces a wider range of products for individual orders. Cheboksary craftsmen widely use PVC coatings for door panels in more than 50 color shades, which allows the consumer to always choose the most optimal option. Numerous positive reviews confirm this. Interior door systems are manufactured using the latest woodworking equipment, which provides the final product with the necessary precision, durability and proper aesthetic qualities. The Cheboksary Door Factory has a developed system of specialized stores throughout the Volga region, which operate in direct contact with the manufacturer. Thanks to this circumstance, technological innovations immediately go on sale. This approach has another advantage: buyer-manufacturer feedback allows for operational monitoring of quality and demand for products, which ensures flexible and timely restructuring of production. Positive reviews about the effectiveness of the described system indicate its acceptability for the majority of consumers of the company's products. This year, the Cheboksary Door Factory began producing products of a fundamentally new design.

The most talked about door production companies in Saratov

1Stroybyt, entrance and interior doors

18 reviews

“I am very pleased with the quality of the doors, manufacturer in Cheboksary. I would like to express special gratitude to Stroy Byt employee Elena. Very attentive, friendly employee."
2Leader, entrance, interior doors

30 reviews

“There was such a situation: yesterday the lock on an old door jammed and I had to break it down. You understand, it was necessary to urgently install a new one, and in all the stores that had a minimum period they promised a week. On the way back I met a boy with leaflets..."
3Planet of doors, interior doors

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“I ordered doors from the Estet factory in this store. I was very pleased with the assortment. It was very difficult to make a choice, since there are only 40 flowers at the door, but the seller helped me figure it out and make a choice. I highly recommend it, especially to those who need...”
4Orion, interior doors

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“The only positive thing is that the employees were polite and responded quickly to the application on the website. I called a surveyor to estimate the installation of 2 double doors; they chose the cheapest doors. As a result: the cost of 4 canvases is 2,600 rubles, the total cost is 28,000 rubles.”
5World of doors“I recommend using . We had a large order for a new apartment, interior doors for a considerable amount, everything was done with high quality, installation, delivery and the doors themselves were of excellent quality. There was a small problem..."
6Door, entrance and interior doors

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“I ordered the doors and waited 40 days for them to arrive! The measurer measures crookedly. The order indicated the wrong size of cash, and the store is now proving that it is not their fault! The master doesn't know how to install doors; they're all crooked. And at the same time it still strengthens..."
7Alexandria Doors

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“Great service and gorgeous door. Special thanks to the manager! She always answered all questions, everything was done on time! I’ll come back to you!”
8Taser, doors, windows“We express our gratitude for the long and fruitful cooperation in the installation of steel doors and plastic windows in the production shops of our plant. CJSC "Fat Plant"
9Papa Carlo, interior doors

4 reviews

“THE MOST HORRIBLE STORE! The quality of services simply leaves much to be desired! An order delay of 2-3 weeks is generally the norm for this store. Not only is there a delay, but in our case they brought the wrong thing. mixed order. The canvas..."
10Door CenterRussian Federation, Saratov region, Saratov city, Panchenko street, 4-A“The quality of the doors is disgusting. The installation also left much to be desired. During installation, either the doors were installed incorrectly, or there was a problem with the doors themselves. On one of the doors, a layer of eco-veneer came off, because the lock touched the door and simply picked up the veneer. On the…"
11Sofia, interior doors

21 reviews

"Good evening! During my work, I came across doors from this manufacturer several times and everything would have been fine if it weren’t for, to put it mildly, the company’s inadequate pricing policy! No, there are no obvious jambs in these doors. But! They have no advantages..."

Interior doors Cheboksary Zodchiy: reviews

“We installed interior doors a long time ago, I read the reviews and am horrified. Some write about peeling off the film. Don't know. Our doors are made of very high quality. We've had it for a couple of years now and have no complaints. This summer we ordered a metal one from them. Delivery was on time and they were installed immediately (the installer arrived with the door). The door turned out to be inexpensive. We calculated it in comparison with Estet, it turned out to be 2300 cheaper, and delivery and installation turned out to be free. You could say we saved, we only spent 12,000. I like the door!”

“I was absolutely upset by the attitude of the store managers and forwarders. I had to call them myself to find out when the door would be ready. In response, I received only excuses from the manager or secretary that they could not get through to the central office. I had to call there myself. I found out myself, informed the managers that it was ready, and had to ask the managers about the shipment myself! As a result, after the promised arrival at 9 am, delivery was at 14-30. They didn’t want to drive up to the entrance, they unloaded the doors at the gate. They charged 200 rubles for delivery. more, in response they were rude. I have no idea what will happen to the installation...”

“I want to say that Zodchiy is really delaying deliveries. They promise earlier, but deliver... For me, instead of 1.5 weeks, they made it in 3 weeks. They couldn’t deliver, we had to pick it up from the warehouse ourselves.”

“We installed white doors with PVC coating. We really liked the doors, everyone was delighted. They look no worse than Sofia doors"

“I read reviews before purchasing about interior doors in Cheboksary. I decided to buy it at Zodchem. There is a large selection of both interior and exterior doors. Of course, the first thing I paid attention to was price and quality. I was satisfied with these elements of the door. We purchased interior doors (walnut). Delivery was on time, but installation was delayed. But still, the work was done efficiently. So overall good"

“I often install Zodchiy doors because I do apartment finishing. Good quality. And the fact that they are late with delivery is now the case in many companies. This is largely up to the store managers. I installed so many of these doors – there were no complaints. And the company’s employees will also always help and advise.

Interior doors, preferably with installation, choice, places to buy/order, tips

1. It is planned to decorate the bathroom with ceramic tiles in the new apartment. But the door to the bathroom (like all interior doors) has not yet been installed. What is better to do first: finish the bathroom or install all the doors?

2. Is it better to glue wallpaper before or after installing doors?

Posts: 15,394

1. It is planned to decorate the bathroom with ceramic tiles in the new apartment. But the door to the bathroom (like all interior doors) has not yet been installed. What is better to do first: finish the bathroom or install all the doors?

2. Is it better to glue wallpaper before or after installing doors?

Posts: 14,344 From: Cheboksary

As far as I understand, the platband in the bathroom is optional. But you need to think about the alignment of the walls.

PS. I messed up: I mistakenly wrote “jamb” instead of the word “platband.”

Post edited by D. Zorych

— Aug 8 2006, 08:46

Vayar LLC - they previously made doors, they were beautiful, but now they carry them to order, also very good doors + delivery to the apartment + installation of the door by their specialists (this is optional)

Post edited by Denisss70

— Apr 4 2007, 10:56

Thank you, of course, but we already ordered there. Two weeks after placing the order, they apologized to us and said that they could not supply such doors. They offered two options to choose from - either change the order or return the money. Now I'm thinking


, they have a guarantee. if something is wrong, they will fix it.

Rediska Kate

, to the left of the sports goods store there is a road, along it behind the house you turn right and all the way to the end, there seem to be garages there. their workshop will be immediately to the right, you will see.

1. It is planned to decorate the bathroom with ceramic tiles in the new apartment. But the door to the bathroom (like all interior doors) has not yet been installed. What is better to do first: finish the bathroom or install all the doors?

2. Is it better to glue wallpaper before or after installing doors?

Sura doors

Address428001, Chuvash Republic, Cheboksary, st. Nikita Sverchkova, 15
Opening hoursMonday08:00-20:00
Websiteru121.ruCategoriesDoor supplierRating Similar companies in the category Bourgeois - Cheboksary, st. Ermolaeva, 1

Features and Benefits

Cheboksary Door Manufacturing Company is an enterprise engaged in the production of interior partitions for installation in residential and non-residential premises.

Door systems of the domestic brand are made from coniferous wood and MDF boards. Thanks to an innovative technique for gluing panels and the use of additional stiffening panels, the manufacturing company guarantees that the surface of the doors will not deform during operation.

After milling and creating compartments for glass parts, a PVC inlay from trusted European manufacturers is applied to the outer side of the canvas, which is characterized by increased resistance to moisture.

Veneer or MDF boards can also be used to cover door surfaces. Such structures are coated with oil-based paint or stain.

The standard size of Cheboksary doors is: width – 900 mm, length – 2000 mm. It is also possible to manufacture door systems according to individual customer measurements.

The interior doors of the Cheboksary factory are different:

  • By material of manufacture – solid wood, MDF;
  • By type of coating – melamine, veneer. The first is decorative paper impregnated with resins. The main advantage of melamine is its scratch resistance, variety of textures, colors, and low cost. Veneer is a thin layer of expensive wood - beech, mahogany, chestnut, walnut, maple;
  • In terms of design - solid, glazed. The price of deaf ones is higher than glazed ones. They are suitable for installation in bedrooms, children's rooms, bathrooms, etc. Doors with glass inserts fit well into the interior of kitchens, living rooms and office spaces.

The advantages of Cheboksary interior doors include:

Integrated interior solutions – modern and efficient

Interior doors are an essential, but far from the only interior-forming element in modern individual mansions and full-length apartments. If you have large rooms, it is quite difficult to choose a unity of style between furniture, small architectural forms and door systems. Taking this circumstance into account, the Cheboksary Door Factory proposed a revolutionary solution. It consists of the production of various interior complexes, which, in addition to door systems, would also include interior arches and interior partitions. Ensuring unity of style, such elements become the main core of the interior composition of the room, for which furniture can already be selected. Naturally, more of it is produced, so the task of choosing is simplified.

What is the complexity of interior solutions from Cheboksary furniture makers?

Interior arches. The use of such an interior element does not simply replace traditional doorways - it allows you to diversify the style of the openings and freely shape the space of the room. Moreover, the presence of an arch, for example, in a living room allows, in many cases, not to install interior doors at all. The same can be said about corridors. However, if the consumer still wants to mount the door, then the shape of the door leaf will be in organic unity with the style of the interior arch. After all, both products were created in the same factory, and within the framework of one creative solution. For example, if an arch is finished with veneer of a certain color and texture, then the interior door will have exactly the same appearance. As an independent element of the interior of a room, an interior arch can be used to install vases, aquariums, book stands/shelves, etc. Interior partitions. Equipped with sliding elements, such products can easily transform a room, performing, if necessary, its effective zoning. This zoning is especially effective for rooms with universal use, such as living rooms. The mobility and lightness of these solutions allows you to quickly modify previously created zones, which is their advantage over stationary partitions. In some ways, such partitions resemble sliding wardrobes. They are distinguished by the same design requirements, which relate to ease of operation, noiselessness, reliability and durability. It should be noted that the production of modern interior partitions is possible only at an enterprise with a high level of technological production culture. And for interior partitions, the above-mentioned stylistic unity is fully observed. The first consumer reviews clearly indicate that the integrated interior solutions offered by the designers of the Cheboksary Door Factory have a great and promising future.

Types of opening systems

Considering the reviews about Estet doors from employees of the presented company, it can be noted that they leave positive reviews about the features of the technological cycle, the quality of materials and the features of their processing. They claim that Estet is a major event that introduces new technologies into the manufacturing process of its products.

Designers have developed many options for opening systems. In addition to conventional swing doors, there are the following varieties:

  • Sliding doors. They open according to the compartment principle. There are 1-2 blades on the outer guide. They move along the wall. This system is used to create interior partitions. There are types of systems, the sash of which is hidden in the canvas.
  • Folding interior doors Estet. The design is made according to the principle of a book. In this case, the canvas is divided into two parts, and its ends remain in the opening. Buyers note that such designs are suitable for a small room, such as a bathroom. They fit into openings of different sizes. The width of such structures varies from 76 to 101 cm, and in height they can be from 199 to 212 cm. As a standard, canvases are produced that consist of 2 fragments. But if desired, you can order other variations.
  • Doors that can open in different directions. This is the Roto series, which when open is perpendicular to the wall. The dimensions of such doors are 72-111 cm in width and 200 or 210 cm in height. According to reviews, this is a reliable design, which is only gaining popularity among buyers.

According to reviews, Estet entrance doors are produced in a classic version. These are swing structures that are characterized by high reliability. For interior doors, other opening options are possible. This allows you to save free space in the room and create an original interior.

What are the disadvantages of eco-veneer

It is impossible to correctly answer the question of which is better, eco-veneer or veneer, without understanding the negative qualities of this material, and it would be wrong to make a decision to purchase this type of door based solely on the positive aspects. What if the disadvantages outweigh the advantages? This happens quite often. The reverse (negative) side of eco-veneer doors looks like this.

  1. With careful handling, they last a long time, but if there is a brawler in the family whose habit is to drive away anger at the door with strong blows of his fists, then you can’t expect long years of service.
  2. It should be noted that eco-veneer coating is not applied to doors made of natural solid wood.
  3. The synthetic wood fiber binder is also not a positive thing.

And in conclusion, we’ll tell you why eco-veneer interior doors are considered more environmentally friendly than doors made of natural veneer. Everything is simple here - to glue natural veneer, glue is used, the environmental friendliness of which may be questionable. In contrast, eco-veneer is attached to an MDF card by itself, or rather, through synthetic binders found in both MDF and eco-veneer.

Which interior doors are better?

The answer to this question lies on the surface: it all depends on the quality of the raw materials and the integrity of the manufacturer. Today, all well-known Russian factories produce canvases:

  • Laminated
  • Veneered
  • Made from solid pine, oak and other valuable species.

Laminated and veneered interior doors are a complex structure consisting of:

1) A frame, which is formed from the most deformation-resistant spliced ​​or laminated coniferous wood. In the production of this element, only technical grades with a minimum content of residual moisture and resin “pockets” are used;

2) External MDF boards, lined with natural or reconstituted veneer, PVC or melamine film. In the first case, veneered doors are obtained, and in the second, laminated ones. Chipboard, OSB, plywood and other types of board materials have not been used for a long time, because they are significantly inferior to MDF in terms of stability and processing capabilities (milling, trimming, etc.);

3) Internal filling. Economy class doors are usually hollow or filled with honeycomb cardboard. More expensive products are equipped with thin slats that create additional sound insulation.

Door leaf models

The entire range of products can be seen in numerous catalogs that are presented on the official websites of the manufacturer. Here you can also read about the material from which they are made, components, and real customer reviews will be an additional guarantee of the high quality of the selected products.

Each of the catalogs is presented in nine series, which have their own style and design.

For lovers of strict, classic forms, the “Alpha” and “Contour” series are suitable. All doors are made in a strict geometric rectangular shape, with square or rectangular glass inserts. The glass is selected according to the color of the base in which it will be located.

For lovers of modern style, the “Modern” and “Prestige” series have been developed. Here you can find your model among more than 100 different samples. Each of the presented doors has a glass insert:

  • flat;
  • curved;
  • plain or with an original pattern.

Those who are interested in strict office models should look into the “Office” section. Most models are placed with a blank panel, which allows for confidentiality for the employee. If there is no need to completely isolate an employee’s work and the office design allows the installation of original doors with glass inserts, then several interesting models will be in this section.

For those who love sophistication and originality in their interior, they need to familiarize themselves with the “Olympus” and “Classic” series. Manufacturers were able to not only create an original door leaf with elements of carving, gilding, and decorative elements, but also added uniqueness with the help of shaped glass inserts.

Fans of original color schemes will be interested in the “Emma” series. It presents a variety of door models that are coated in an unusual color. It can be:

  • green;
  • orange;
  • blue;
  • bright yellow or purple doors.

If you need to install compact structures in an apartment, then doors from the “Compact” series will be an excellent solution. They allow you to install sliding structures in rooms where space is limited. The designers of the factory have also developed such a unique version of the product.

Recently, arched passages into the kitchen, hallway and hall have become increasingly used. Our designers have provided models for such options. These are several models that can be either simple, universal or sophisticated, with carved or decorative elements.

Cheboksary factory - doors that last a long time

The Cheboksary door factory has developed a large number of color solutions for its customers. The number of different coatings includes more than 70 options. Each buyer can choose a door from light shades of natural wood to beautiful creamy, golden colors of oak and larch. At the same time, the same color can have a different texture structure.

The service of covering doors in several colors is also available. This is convenient in those cases where you need to choose a color or shade to match the existing interior of the room. If the client determines the need for coating with regular enamel, patina, or silver, then the specialists will fulfill all wishes and apply the selected color. Factory designers constantly carry out painstaking work and thorough research in this direction.

Eco-veneer coating: its advantages

Which is better, eco-veneer or PVC is a natural question that arises in almost every person immediately after becoming acquainted with this material. Agree, it would be wrong to say that eco-veneer is better - such statements need to be seriously motivated. So what can be attributed to the advantages of this material, why is it better than other synthetic decorative films? The advantages of eco-veneer include the following points.

  1. The most important thing is the high wear resistance and durability that a door made of eco-veneer has - compared to traditional laminated doors, it practically does not wear out. In addition, eco-veneer can withstand sudden changes in temperature and humidity quite easily, and most importantly without consequences, without causing cracks and other damage, as is usually the case with natural veneer. Moreover, eco-veneer successfully resists chips, impacts, scratching with sharp objects and other mechanical damage. And that's not all the positive aspects - this material does not fade even when exposed to direct sunlight.
  2. Eco-veneer is a completely environmentally friendly material, and such doors can be installed in children's institutions. At least, that’s what the manufacturer claims, which he has every right to do, since his words are confirmed by a special certificate.
  3. This new product in the field of door cladding allows you to imitate the structure of any wood and it does this with 100% accuracy. Even the eye of a professional carpenter is not able to distinguish eco-veneer doors from ordinary veneer doors. They don't even feel any different to the touch.
  4. Cost – compared to doors made of natural veneer, it is lower. This moment especially attracts the modern consumer - a person’s desire to get better quality products for less money becomes a reality.

These are not all the advantages that allow us to resolve the question of which is better, veneer or eco-veneer doors, in favor of the latter - in addition, we can note simple and unpretentious care using even strong household detergents. You also cannot miss the fact that during the manufacturing process of the door, or rather its finishing with eco-veneer, they are simply wrapped with this material - in this way the ends of the doors are not covered with an edge and, as a result, it does not peel off during operation. That is, a solid protective and decorative coating is obtained over the entire surface of the doors.

Interior doors Estet - reviews


Disgusting. I don't recommend it. They did not meet the delivery deadlines, they pushed the installation date back for 3 months, and in the end the doors were not installed. The installers behave rudely, they take measurements incompetently (they measured it three times, but they didn’t measure it properly). And one of the measurers came and got the feeling that he was either a chronic alcoholic or a drug addict. Management is inactive. The installers are also trying to inflate prices (this information is from friends who also came across this company)… so if you suddenly contact us, be sure to take the price list with installation prices to avoid fraud.


Handy door installers. I wanted to get a job with them to show them how to install doors correctly, but they didn’t take me. The director and his deputy are incompetent.


Disgusting company. After they bring you substandard goods, they will simply cheat you. It is impossible to achieve anything, everyone is referred to the installer Alexander, management also does not respond to written requests. They write correctly in the reviews - scammers


Good day to all! I would like to leave a review about the work (Esthete - door technologies). We made an order at the corporate office of the Sputnik Dom shopping center in Belgorod. Order No. 1082 dated October 7, 2019, we ordered arches. The office assured us that we could make arches to individual sizes, because... Our arches are not standard. They called a surveyor and paid for the measurement. The surveyor said he would send all the data to the office to place the order. The office called and invited me to sign an agreement. Made the payment. arak, because We decided to pick it up and install it ourselves. In terms of timing, they took it normally, but then it’s something else. I don’t know what miracle the measurer measured… they brought us standard arches. Not a single size matches ours; we need to cut the pieces that were brought to us. Calls to the office yielded nothing, they play the same record that all their arches are standard and try to impose an additional installation service. Which costs 2500 for each arch, and we have 3 of them. The question is why did they tell us in the office that we could make the dimensions individually and why did we call a measurer in this case if they brought standard arches??? We have only one negative thing left from this company. But I’m pregnant in less than 2 months. should I give birth, and why do I need this hassle?

Dear future clients of the Estet company, I suggest you think ten times before choosing the products of this company. Because They promise one thing, but in reality another. Personally, we will not deal with this company again.


Terrible quality! The boxes are cut at almost 44 degrees instead of the required 45. Moreover, the cut is crooked. They don’t do this in factories, but on low-budget construction sites, sawing it off “on their knees,” and even then, sometimes it turns out smoother.


I ordered interior doors. They delivered it a month later (they verbally promised it would be in 2-3 weeks. 2 days after receiving it, the installer called and announced that the installation would be in another month. Sharashkin’s office. Be careful. The doors are so-so. There are better ones from other manufacturers.


I would like to leave a review about the Estet company - terrible attitude towards customers. We purchased the doors on April 10, 2019, paid the entire amount of 61,000 rubles at once, and promised to deliver them by May 15. Every time I called, they didn’t answer, they were busy, I asked to call back many times, no one ever called back. Every week they put it off, they weren’t ready yet they said. They finally delivered it on June 11, 2019, one door turned out to be defective, they took it away and said they would call. And again, every time I call and there are always only promises and excuses. Today is 08/02/2019 and still no door!!!!! I will go to court, since they don’t want to go to Rospotrebnadzor for good


We installed 3 doors, 2 of which, to close them, you first have to lift the door up by the handle so that the magnetic locks work. I applied under warranty, they came and adjusted it, it helped for 2 weeks. In general, I definitely DO NOT RECOMMEND!


If you are reading this review, most likely you have already ordered doors from Estet, I sympathize! 07/14/18 concluded an agreement in St. Petersburg in the shopping center Torgovy Dvor, Zvezdnaya metro station. Manager Natalya. A few days later I came back to the office to inquire about additional fees. I found a discrepancy in the specification. If I hadn’t gone into it and double-checked the manager, then they would have brought me extensions that were short for decorating the front door! She said it was her mistake and reprinted the specification! I check the specification again and again find an error in the amount of 10 mm trim, the manager wrote it off incorrectly from the measurement sheet! She wrote 2 platbands, instead of 3 pieces. It turns out that if I had not seen the mistake again, I would not have had enough 1 platband to decorate the opening! Very incompetent employee!!! I am extremely dissatisfied with this employee, negligent attitude towards work, Natalia does not want to delve into the essence of the order, because of this I have unnecessary trips to the store, doubts about the correctness of the paperwork (in the end I have 3 specifications). After working with this manager, I was left with anxiety and wasted nerves, this was not her last mistake and it was confirmed, the fittings were not delivered on the appointed day along with the doors! The dispatcher said that they forgot about the fittings! Now they offer me to go for the fittings myself, why should I go myself because of the negligent attitude of the manager Natalya towards the work, which did not attach the order for fittings to the order of doors! This is not the manager’s first mistake! But as it turned out, that’s not all!

08/29/18 Doors delivered on day 47! The contract states that the seller is obliged to transfer the goods to the buyer within 45 days! A manufacturing defect was found on one of the doors (defects in the coating, peeling of the film, dents). On the advice of the dispatcher, this door was left at home as a replacement! I filed a complaint and they promised to replace it! On 10/12/2018, a defective door was delivered to replace a defective door again!!!! I wrote a complaint again, they promised to replace it! On November 5, 2018, they called me and informed me that the door was in the warehouse, and we agreed on delivery on November 10, 2018. On 9.11.18 and 10.11.18 there was no call to agree on a time. I had to on 11/11/18. Call yourself and find out the reason why they didn’t warn you that there would be no delivery! On 11/11/18 we agreed on delivery on 11/15/18, but on 11/14/18 they didn’t call me either and I had to call myself, to which the answer was: delivery on 11/15/18 is not scheduled! On 11/16/18 I have an agreement to install the door! On 11/15/18, the door was finally delivered, by the manager himself, who didn’t even introduce himself, and presented it as if he had done me a favor by getting into the car himself and delivering the door! Although 3 months have already passed since the conclusion of the contract! A SHAME! On 11/16/18 there was an agreement with Ruslan and Oleg to install the door and baseboards! We agreed with these workers, since Oleg took the measurements and they installed the first two doors. At the office, the manager said that it was better to work with the same installers. That's what we did! On the morning of 11/16/18, we moved the furniture away, prepared the apartment for the installation of baseboards and doors, but instead of Ruslan and Oleg, another worker arrived, who did not know that it was necessary to install not only the door, but also the baseboards, and said that he would only have time to install the door, but I had an agreement to do everything in one day! Without my knowledge, Oleg and Ruslan gave my order to another person, did not ask if I agreed, they decided for me, they should have consulted with me! It's dusty, I prepared the room, set aside a day! As a result, this employee left and said that Ruslan and Oleg would come, but 11/24/18!!! I had to agree, because it’s already been four months since the additions, baseboards, and door lie in the middle of the room. Ruslan and Oleg arrive on 11/24/18 and refuse to start work until I pay them to install the door! It is illegal! I have to pay because I don’t have the energy anymore and I want to finish the installation as quickly as possible! I take a receipt from them, they installed it, they left! NEVER contact Estet, the doors are beautiful, but the employees are extremely incompetent, they do not work according to the law, you will not receive moral compensation for penalties and delays, only YOU will call, they will not call you back! There wasn't even an apology! Result: 07/17/18 signed a contract 11/24/18 all doors installed 4 months and 1 week of waiting


We ordered a set of Doors for a large apartment on 11/18/18. Order fulfillment time is 35 working days. Today is 01/15/19. There are still no doors, the carrier company simply ignores this situation. The girls from the salon promise every day for a week that they will contact me. As a result, renovations in the apartment have stopped. We are still waiting for the door, but there is no clarity when it will arrive. Do not contact this company if you value your time and nerves.


Only negative impressions!!! For the first time I ordered only two doors...the entire order was paid in full at once. the managers are completely incompetent, they promised to complete the order within two weeks (although when signing the contract, she immediately paid attention to the deadlines, to which the manager replied that everything would be within the timeframe specified to her). We waited for two months and listened to outright rudeness from the employees of this organization. A miracle happened - they called that the order would be delivered the day after tomorrow, but in the morning it turned out that one loading had not been made, because... one of the doors was broken.. Everything regarding logistics - specifically the city of Tver - leaves much to be desired, the girl does not understand what is being asked of her. installation of doors too - only one negative... after visiting other salons, we came to the conclusion that we would have to order doors from them again. We waited two months for the order. At the exit, the doors arrived - they were not the same sizes as those indicated by their employee in the contract... so draw a conclusion .. I was extremely dissatisfied, for that kind of money the service is nothing.


The entrance door was installed in September 2021. The managers in the salon at KRIN are very patient, they listened to all the complaints after installation, and promised to pass on all comments to management. There are many complaints regarding the door installation process. They widened the opening, the apartment was all in fog, there was a lot of dirt, they worked sloppily, they tore the linoleum, the wallpaper, the tools were piled on the hallway and scratched.


We ordered interior doors from this company on September 29, 2018, making an advance payment; 3 days later we sent our own measurements of the doorway to the salon. After 20 working days (10/27/18) we went into the salon to find out at what stage of production the doors were (the contract stipulates the order fulfillment period is 18 working days), the managers could not answer this question, since it was a day off and there was no connection with the office it was (this question can be clarified only on weekdays by calling the office, ok); During the conversation with the managers, it was said that the doors would only be delivered to us if the order was paid 100%, which is what we did. After another 10 working days, calling the office, we were able to find out that the doors were about to be delivered to us; They were finally delivered on November 12, 2018, although with an additional check for 2000 (and this is not the cost of delivery, but an additional 2000 rubles). It turns out that the managers at the salon did not take into account the cost of the extras and did not consider it necessary to call the client and warn about it. We learned about the need for additional payment only upon delivery of the doors! ((So think and ask managers 10 times if the indicated cost is final, if you don’t want to pay on top for their incompetence...



High-quality installation


Deadlines, quality of measurements, inflated cost

Good day to all! I would like to leave a review about the work (Esthete - door technologies). We made an order at the company office in the Constructor shopping center. The cost of the order by my standards is not small - more than 350 thousand rubles, but the attitude towards customers - alas, only a negative impression remains. After 7 months From the beginning of work, there was a strong desire to part with them. But the money was paid immediately, and suing us, as always, is more expensive. So, the total order execution period is May 2021 - February 2021 (instead of 22 days specified in the contract). During the specified period, we had to re-order four times (at least a month and a half) - either the platbands were not the same, then the panels for the partition did not fit in size, or the extensions did not correspond to the thickness of the walls. But I twice paid for the visit of the surveyor - Alexander, based on the results of whose work the initial order was formed. His work left a “special” impression: he wrote that additional additions were needed everywhere - in fact, only half of the total amount was useful, he measured the thickness of the wall on one side of the opening - 150 mm, on the other - 170 mm (in fact, also 150 mm). I strongly regret that I relaxed and did not check every record and measurement with this “specialist” - be vigilant. It all ended with me sorting out a pile of firewood that had been lying in the room for six months, making an inventory and clarifying for the next additional order what was missing (specifications, dimensions, etc.). What remained from the previous order was a huge number of all kinds of elements (extensions, all sorts of planks, mounting beams), for each of which I paid when concluding the contract (overpayment was probably about 20.0 thousand rubles). But I wanted to finish the renovation and move to a new apartment by the New Year - it didn’t work out, then bringing my wife and child from the maternity hospital to a new apartment - it didn’t work out either. But what are our plans compared to doing business in Russian? If you evaluate each stage of work and the specialists of the Estet company, you will get the following: - measurer - unsatisfactory (described above), gentlemen, managers - something needs to be done about this, your reputation factor has suffered greatly in my eyes; — the managers in the salon are polite, patient, they can fill out the documents, but they can’t think a little to check the completeness and specifications; — installers (assemblers) - that’s who I can praise, really professional and very neat. Dear future clients of the Estet company, I suggest you think ten times before choosing the products of this manufacturer. As for the quality of the doors themselves, I can say that they are no different from others on the market. But you can save a lot of time, money and nerves.



Appearance on display windows.




On June 17, 2021, we bought 2 interior doors from ESTET Technologies LLC. Under the terms of this agreement, they were obliged to deliver them within 30 working days.

The doors were paid for in full (under the contract they are not delivered without 100% payment in advance). The doors were delivered exactly on the last day of expiration of the contract (the contract stipulates a penalty for violation of deadlines).

On July 27, 2018, the doors were delivered by a transport company provided by the seller. One of the panels was sent broken - there was a crack on the floor of the door. The driver called somewhere, sent something. The acceptance certificate indicated that the canvas was broken. We start calling, asking when they will replace us. To which manager Anna tells us over the phone that she refuses, this is a hidden defect and now the factory has 45 days under the contract to eliminate this defect. We explain to her that we haven’t had chalk for making doors for 2 months, that the doors have a hidden frame, we can’t complete the renovation without installing them, the deadlines are running out for objective reasons. To which it is reported with poorly concealed irritation that these are your problems. Read the contract. This is not a low-quality product - it is a hidden defect, since the doors were in the packaging!!!! We studied the concept of hidden defects, contract, consumer protection law. We called back and got through to a more polite manager, who asked us to wait - he would call on Monday and announce the timing. No one, of course, called back. We submitted an official complaint to the Biberevo salon on Monday. They asked to replace the defective product within 5 days or return the money (replacement period in accordance with paragraph 1 of Article 20 of the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights). The week came to an end and no one even called us. Also, according to the manager, it turns out that we are responsible for the transportation that is carried out by the transport company they have chosen. We did not find confirmation of this in the contract, although the manager referred to it. At the same time, she also said that drivers at the warehouse are prohibited from opening the packaging.

It’s very sad that they ended up like this, there’s no other way to put it. Doors are not cheap. According to reviewers, at the request of the company, negative reviews were removed, but apparently, poor attitude towards customers after payment is a trend.

General impression:

Disgusting service!



Lost after payment


No quality control. Translation of the arrows “I have nothing to do with it.”


Favorov Mikhail Yurievich contract dated 05/03/2018

Upon receipt and unpacking of the door, I discovered a visible dent that was hidden under the protective packaging. As a result of communication with Esthet, I was informed that the defect came from the factory and the local craftsmen who cut the hinges and locks are not obliged to control the quality of the doors coming from the factory.

The campaign was soviet, the communication boiled down to the fact that “it’s not our fault, it’s all a factory and we’ll change everything.” Within three days they promised to give an answer when they change it. In response to my request to escalate this issue with my superiors, the girl said that she did not understand the word “Escalate”. When I simply asked to be connected with her management, she demanded a claim by email.

The next day the girl called back and said that the driver had not photographed the label on the door and without this it would not be possible to move forward. I said that I live 2 hours away from the apartment and don’t live there. I already lost a day on you yesterday and I’m not going to waste any more time on you fixing your problem. The girl stood her ground and insisted “send the label and read the contract - there you are obliged to...”. Yesterday I spent time with her on the phone and she never mentioned the label.

As a result, the repairs took an indefinite period and I can’t even tell the builders how long. Three days to figure out the timing is not clear to me.

As a result, I did not accept one door and 4 out of 6 hinges. The latter, it seems that they are selling a marriage that has returned from retail.

I will keep a diary of what is happening here. The company does not consider alternative losses from such reviews and escalates the situation to its own detriment.

General impression:

There is no quality control, no communication with clients


There were no problems with ordering, delivery or installation. But after about 20 opening-closing cycles, the lock began to open with force, so much so that the key could be broken in the cylinder. We called the service department, where a woman answered the phone, and after talking with her she left an unpleasant impression.


Let's start with the fact that the managers in the offices do not know how to work at all and, moreover, are inattentive; you say the same dimensions of the opening, but in the end the contract contains completely different numbers! The door is not being completed as stated in the contract within 15 days, but for a whole month, the delivery people brought the wrong thing (not the hinges as in the invoice)! In general, there is complete horror going on in the company! and having paid the money under the contract, your claims are no longer needed by anyone, you will hear a complete boorish attitude on the phone! Our call has been going on for a month and a half with the door still open, but there is still no result, they are only feeding us with promises that they will call tomorrow! I do not advise ordering doors from this organization - a sharashkin office!


I would like to share my impressions after collaborating with the Estet company in St. Petersburg. Order No. 2186MS05-18 was placed in the showroom at Moskovskoye sh., 7a, shopping center "Torgovy Dvor". As it later turned out, the Estet company is only responsible for receiving and processing the order. Delivery and installation is carried out by the contractor company. The doors were manufactured and delivered on time. The doors are high quality, there are no flaws. But there were problems with the installation. — The doors were delivered on June 19, and installed only on July 4. The company explained this by saying that the installer Ruslan, who did the measurements for us, was on vacation. And other installers are very busy. — The installation was performed poorly. The frame in the bathroom is not installed level, and the trim is also installed poorly. Several doors are not installed level. The installation was carried out by Ruslan and his assistant Oleg. Unfortunately, upon acceptance it was not possible to see everything at once. The installers did not report any problems. Unfortunately, I cannot recommend the Estet company.

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